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turn the radio up and push the pedal to the ground...

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11/20/05 09:33 pm

I go home tuesday. Yay. Home is good... but so is Waco. Strange thing. Every day is an adventure with Sydney and Jenna. They're crazy. Yeah.

Lovefeast was tonight. It was good. Yum. Good people. Good Food. Yeah. I did hear one of the Lake boys say something about "daddy". Poor kids. It made me sad.

Church was good. The Hippodrome is way cool... it is still a little wierd though.

I bought Real Simple again. It is a woman magazine... I love it.

I have been wearing my vans a lot. Reminds me of when I thought I was punk.

Anywho... I am gonna go get my learn on and/or clean my room.

Much Love.


I have been listening to Ciento-siete-punto-nueve a lot.

I wish I could dance.

11/20/05 12:49 am - Playstation.

I love PS2.

And your mom.

11/16/05 12:54 pm - Sub-a-dub-dub

JK. Misunderstanding. Lisa Loeb. I love you. Ahhh I am spening some glorius time wasting away in the sub... oh poot... Steve. I gotta go.

11/16/05 12:25 pm - You don't have class...

What the crap? I hate being lied to. Hate it. How stupid. I'm mad.

11/13/05 05:11 pm - yawn.

I hate math.

I feel really wierd right now. I think I need to eat some meat.

We played a risque game of scrabble... then I ate 5 brownies.

Sometimes I think everyone around me is going crazy... but then I wonder sometimes if it's just me.

11/10/05 01:17 am - Mae Gusta.

So the show was aMAEzing. And no wonder people talk about Mute Math... I am sad I hadn't listened to them before. Excellent. Mae shows are getting so strange. I mean... they were the headliner. Like... people knew the words... not just me and Jason and a select other few like in the olden days. Cool man.

P.S. What's the deal with the McRib? Either have it or don't McDonalds. I am gonna beging to mark periods of my life with McRib comebacks.

P.P.S. All I can think about is how much I want to name my first son Kalai.

11/6/05 05:44 pm - Week end end

I just work up from a much needed 3 hour nap... but that means I am about 3 hours behind on catching up on what i should have been doing this whole weekend when I wasn't doing homework. It has been a pretty good weekend... I needed a pretty good weekend. I saw my first pro-hockey game. And I loved it. I would go back in a heatbeat. Why do we put so much emphasis on Football here? We SHOULD all be watching hockey. Speaking of football.... we got whooped something nast by UT (Which for you easterners... is University of Texas... not Tenn. It took me a while to... USC is Southern California. yeah.)I also hung out with Susuan and played with her HUGE dog Ernest... We held Church @ Truett Seminary and we are gonna have it at the Waco Hippodrome for the rest of the year... moving on is wierd.

10/31/05 01:46 pm

10/31/05 10:09 am - Found this in Kyle's book...

"The things I thought were so important-because of the effort I put into them- have turned out to be of small value. And the things I never thought about , the things I was never able either to measure or expect, were the things that mattered." -Thomas Merton


10/30/05 12:38 pm - ...

he didn't make it. Kyle died today. I just don't understand.

10/30/05 11:50 am - ...

I thought my day couldn't get any worse before I got to church... until I got to church. I really don't understand God sometimes to be honest. I guess that is why I am not him. I guess that is why I need God. But my pastor Kyle Lake, is in the hospital right now and I hope he is going to make it. He was in the baptismal and a mic fell in the water and he collapsed into the water and they pulled him out but I don't know whether he was breathing or not. I don't know anything about electric shock. I don't know. They let us out early and I am really shaken up. I hope he is okay. I just don't know. He has 3 young kids. Gosh. Pray please.

10/30/05 12:56 am

Jenna and I dressed as elementary art teachers on "coke"... and we carried coke bottles.  We hung out with 7 gay guys.  It was so bizzare.  Ohhh Daylight savings.  How nice.  WELL... I am gonna jet.

10/27/05 10:15 pm - ...

People don't need me anymore. People used to need me. Now no. I wish I had friends here.

Oh P.S... I failed my first college test

10/20/05 02:17 pm - !!!

Tyler+San Antonio= YAY!

10/19/05 01:50 pm - That is whack!

Three things that drive me crazy:

1. "What's Up?" as a synonym for hello... IT'S NOT! If you say what's up when you walk past me I will yell an answer to your back and I will look like an idiot. I hate that. It is a question and I will not accept it as a statement.

2. When you are standing in the elevator with one other person or people you don't know and everyone stares at the numbers. We know which direction we are going... it beeps on every floor... are we so interested in the numbers? It doesn't relieve the awkwardness... infact I think that avid number watchers are awkward... take that.

3. Again with the "awkward" incounter with an unfamiliar face... the one-on-one pass by. I hate it when I walk directly past a person and we are the only people there and they refuse to look at me. It is okay. Just look... please. I am looking at you. Let's look at eachother. What is so awkward about eye contact?

What the world needs now is eye contact sweet eye contact.

10/17/05 06:06 pm - 2 quick things...

1. In the Library today I recieved a "nice to finally meet you" Isn't that nice? My friend B apparently talks to her roommate about me. Cool.

2. SO I spent a while pondering this question and I want yall to answer it. YOU... yes you.

If you were to get 5 automobiles (Car, truck, suv) at the same time and money is not an object and you can't sell any of them or give any of them away which 5 would you choose? This doesn't necessarily mean your favorite cars... you might chose to consider logical and practical issues as well. I spent a while trying to figure this out logically but I ended up with the following list:

1) VW bug convertible (Lt. Blue)
2) Infinity G35 Coupe (Pearl)
3) Nissan X-terra (Red)
4) Toyota Tundra (Black)
5) Honda Accord (Red)

If nobody relpies to this I will get depressed.

10/14/05 05:16 pm - ...

You can't walk all over me and then take a complete blow to my character and then expect me to change to fit your mold. She gave me the impression that everyone thinks I am crappy... maybe I should just start over with friends.

...or maybe that would be to selfish... cause thats just how I am?

10/12/05 01:28 pm - Equality of Variances... what are you?

Doing my research project is so hard because I am supposed to be in a group but instead we are the only group that is a partnership and my partner won't talk. She won't give any ideas or suggestions and I feel like a jerk by making decisions for us... but she won't give her input... Ahhh!

Today is a good day though. I am gonna be ultra-busy with my Values paper being due tomorrw and I will probably have to miss church (sad face)... but I feel well rested and people keep complimenting me. Those awesome compliments from people I don;t even know. I love that.

Well I have to finnish my stats hw.

Can I tell you a secret? I forget my socks a lot when I bowl... so I don't wear any... but I have to sneak to put on the shoes bc it is "unsanitary" to not wear socks in the bowling shoes... but they are freaking feet. Whatevs.

Social Work Rave tomorrow. I convinced Mr. Taylor... Scott Taylor?... Scott? I convinced Scott to give us extra credit. Sarah Bush convinced that extra credit to be in the form of him giving us the friday quiz at the Thursday rave so we could do it at home. Score!

10/11/05 11:36 pm - E-Gasm?

This is my last post for the day. I promise.

But as I spoke of Cyber Sex earlier... the topic arose in conversation today. I really would appriciate some explaination if anyone knows what it is. The question arose... Would cyber sex result in an E-Gasm?

Just a question.

Why would I even have such a question? People are sick!

10/11/05 09:31 pm - Oh yes its ladies night...

Going to Ladies Night gives me warm fuzzies. I love being able to openly dialogue with a group of girls who know where I am coming from, but are open and honest at the same time. It really rocks.

... I will not lie... this week off of facebook is frusterating... I mean it. I just want to take one little peek... but that would be cheating.
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