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WAY outie

I was just reminded of this kid in my Kindergarden class. His name was Will, and he had an outie bellybutton. Will's bellybutton was no average outie bellybutton. It actually hung out of his body and was roughly an inch and a half long. He had a scraggly red mullet and he wore oversized reptile t-shirts everyday. Whenever we would all be sitting on the rug listening to the teacher, Will would chew on the bottom left corner of his shirt, exposing his (WAY) outie bellybutton, which he would twirl around his finger. Awkward.

SO, I haven't updated in a while. Tyler came to visit last weekend twas excellent but WAY to short. We had a spaghetti party which was good. Good people. Mediocre pasta. Success.

In other news, I am busy out of my mind this semester. Not only am I taking classes (a modest 14 hours... finally) BUT I have an internship at the hospital AND a job at Sylvan. It's crazy, but I am way happy.

We signed a lease at the Centre... Jenna, Syd and I. I am looking forward to painting... yessss.

For Valentines day, Syd and I are gonna eat ribs in red lingere.

Seacrest Out.
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