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6:45... and I'm still alive

Today has been crazy. I woke up at 6:45 and this is pretty much the first time I have caught my breath. I went to Sylvan this morning. I got there a little late because my windshied was iced over. Entered in some testers... got to take a guys finger prints electronicly. Yeah buddy... it's like I am in the FBI... but not really. The people who work there are cool though. Then we went by K&S to sigh our lease (^%$#U$&^*()*^*%$^%%*&!!!!!) The lady there woldn't let us have the apartment for what we were told but more than that, she was ruder to me and treated me with less respect than I have ever been treated. Then I went to the post office and got some stamps and picked up my retainer... then I came home and broke, then tried to fix the garbage disposal for about an hour and a half... then did some things on my list of things to do... emails, phone calls, paper work etc. Then I went to the SLC to get my TB test results. (TB free.. that's how I roll)... then off to the hospital where I worked with Mr. James for about 3 hours doing rounds and meeting... we walked into a room where an old man was and when Mr. James asked if he could get the guy anything, the guy said a Miller Light. Anyhow I met like 40 people. Then I went to Target to get some professional things such as sweaters and a watch... then to Taco Tuesdays at Rosas with Sydney, Jordan, Ben, and Kyle. My fly was down. I didn't care... oh yeah, I fell down today. FELL DOWN. I was standing and opening my car door like any other time and my feet just slipped out from under me and I fell FLAT down. Oh well. And now I am getting ready to go to pick up Katie Burch and go to PMS with the ladies of UBC. Whew. Then I START my homework. Sheesh.
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