Erin (iam3rin) wrote,

"2006, pick up sticks"

Welcome to 2006. Is it just me or did it feel like 2006 was kinda already happening before today? I was talking with J-ro and Tyler about this. The stuff that was new in 2005 was "2006" stuff right? Like cars. They will come out with the 2007's soon? It's bologna.

I rang in the new year with some most excellents. Tyler, J-ro, Keith, and J. Petty... oh and Jonathan who I met over Thanksgiving... and Jessica Petty's brother and his friends. With Keith and Jonathan there ended up being 7 generations of Duluth Band kids there. And there were firecrackers. Real ones. And then the cops drove by and weren't to pleased. But it was fine.

And Tyler realized he is allergic to cats. Very allergic?

And as for today... the Richardsons are here... and we are about to go to the mall.
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