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makin' cookies and sh...

I am trying to clean and study. My watching VH1 and eating candy isn't accomplishing the goal.

So I was in the sub today and this black guy sits down at the computer next to me and starts going off about how much he hates black people. "... black couples, we never stay together, but white couples last so much longer 'cause them white girls all makin' cookies an $h*t." I laughed and then felt guilty for not making cookies often enough.

I am poor and I broke my guitar strings twice.

Valentines day tomorrow. I used to wear black. Those people who wore red and pink always drove me crazy. I think I am gonna just wear lavender. Try to keep a low profile.

Um and speaking of Valentines... Post Secret. I have to read it 100 times. It is the book I would read every time I passed through Barnes and Noble and Tyler gave it to me. I love it. This guy sent out like 3000 post cards telling people to creatively submit a secret they had never told before and this book is a compilation of them.

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