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I don't think I am homeless anymore next year. I will become homeful tomorrow when we sign the lease to Hunt Club II. The apartment that sounds like a horror movie. Really though... I like it. Ummm mute math and moes tonight in Austin. First I have to finnish my paper for my ministry class.

Gideon Tsang came again to UBC. I wish he could stay... and preach at UBC for good. He is a great communicator and he is real down to earth and insightful at the same time. I love being part of UBC. It is amazing how the church continues to grow despite recent events. It rocks. Hard. I am gonna go to the PMS community group this week. (Project More Sisterhood...) I missed it last week but apparently there were like 47 people there. Crazy man. I went to "Do Something" and I want to be involved with that too. Hmm. I shouldn't overload myself though. I have an interview for David's Bridal but I might have landed a babysitting job. I would prefer that.

There is another Goble in the world as of yesterday. My uncle got married. It was nice.

Hah they played the clip of Ben Dudley singing at high school graduation and forgeting the words again today.
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